UK Norseman Winner - race day has arrived

Mike Tate our UK winner talks about how he feels the day before Norseman. Mike, his wife Tara and the blueseventy team have arrived safely in Eijford, Norway. 

The water is currently calm and weather is perfect, below Mike is seen suiting up for his pre race practice swim.

But a storm is brewing for tomorrow race day. Rain, thunder and high winds are forecast which could make Norseman into a real test for Mike. Read his last update before race day...


"Well this is it. We're all here safely and my pre race anxieties of actually getting here in one piece with all my equipment have been quashed! The bike is all in one piece and working and all my gear is spot on. The journey from Bergen to the start village of Eidfjord was awesome- around every corner was another incredible vista. The sun was out, it was warm and conditions were lulling us into a false sense of security.

With 10 k to go we crossed the fjord that we will be swimming in by ferry and then arrived at race hotel in Eidfjord. The hotel was chocolate box perfect, wooden boards and loads of little turrets and windows. I registered and picked up my number- 332. Normally at race registration there are a few uber fit competitors strutting their stuff. Here it was a whole new level. Every competitor looks straight off the cover of a Tri mag- body fat averages are in single figures and it seems that pro team athletes or sponsored kit is de riguer! And the bikes! For any bike aficionado this really is heaven. Every where you look the trickiest bikes can be seen. All of this is a little disconcerting and although I know I've trained hard and am in good shape it hits home the magnitude of this race- I'm going to have to be at the top of my game to bring home black! 

We spent the remainder of the day swimming in the fjord or taking leisurely bike rides or eating! After an excellent nights sleep we headed down to the official blue seventy swim try out. The majority of Norseman athletes came down to try the waters, enjoy coffee and pastries and catch up with their competitors. There were film crews, official photographers and team crew everywhere.

Mike with Jessica Kelley our US Norseman winner

For almost two hours we swam, mingled and got everyone trying out the awesome blue seventy gear. The rest of the day will be eating, race brief and kit prep for tomorrow. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. The weather is looking horrific for tomorrow with rain all day and gales but I suppose it's the same for everyone. I just can't wait to get started. I'm going to do my very best but try to also enjoy the experience and appreciate how lucky I am to be here.

Can I thank everyone for their support in the lead up to this race and I hope that you can all follow my progress as the day unfolds. Regards from Norway!"


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