Jessica Learmonth’s Top Swims of 2016

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Jessica Learmonth’s Top Swims of 2016

Great Britain’s Jessica Learmonth is one of the top ITU swimmers in the world. She’s always in the front pack, and often emerges first out of the water, including at the Grand Final in Cozumel last month with fellow blueseventy athlete, Lucy Hall, following closely behind. 

Lucy Hall (center) and Jess Learmonth (on the right): two of the top ITU swimmers in the sport.

Jess and Lucy rode with Bermuda’s Flora Duffy, helping to set Duffy up to win the ITU world title. Back in April in Portugal, Jess and Lucy swam and rode solo, lapping other competitors to finish first and second at the Quarteira ETU Triathlon European Cup.

When it comes to swimming all around the world, Leeds, UK based Jess says there’s no place better than home.

Best race this season?

Jess: Cozumel. The swim felt pretty easy, it was a non-wetsuit swim, we managed to get a break and the water was clear and beautiful. The only negative being it was pretty warm water, and it was the first time I’ve been given a bottle of water to cool down after getting out of the swim!

Favorite place to swim this year?

Jess: Cozumel again; the water was just amazing. Its probably the only open water swim I’ve done that I could see so clearly. The colorful tropical fish were fantastic. Also it was so nice to get into the water after sweltering on land!

Favorite race of the season?

Jess: WTS Leeds. It had the best atmosphere, food, venue and course! But as I am from there maybe I would say that! Seriously it was my favorite race, was nice to have home support and have all my family there to watch.

What have you learned this year racing the WTS circuit?

Jess: Races can change very quickly and be quite unpredictable. I’ve also learnt that little mistakes can cost you in World Series races. You can lead out a swim and still miss the front bike pack, just as I did in Edmonton!

What’s it like to be a front pack swimmer?

Jess: Its pretty good to be honest, I’m struggling to think of any negatives. Positives, you give yourself the opportunity to be in the race from the start. It also gives you the opportunity to create breaks in the race and you give yourself more time for errors in T1.

I am pretty lucky to have a big swimming base from a young age, I use to do 60,000+ meters per week. This allows me to just keep my fitness topped up, I usually swim 4 times per week, coming in at about 5 hours.

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