Swim Socks

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Ideal for open water swimming during a triathlon. They will not only insulate your feed against the cold, but will prevent potential injuries to the soles of your feet when getting to and from the water.

The 2mm neoprene socks are longer than standard, in order to be tucked into or over a wetsuit, as well as having a new PU leg collar to ensure they don’t slip down in the water.

Key Features:

  • 2mm NEOPRENE - this stretch of neoprene allows for a snug fit to each individual’s feet, whilst also ensuring your feet have that all important flexibility during swimming. This makes swimming more comfortable as well as easier to navigate through the water.

  • LONG LENGTH – the longer length means that you can wear the socks over or under a wetsuit, depending on personal preference.

  • PU LEG COLLAR – this system not only reduces the amount of water getting into the sock, but gives a non-slip finish which reduces the chances of the socks falling down. 

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